Our extensive range of high power LED linear lights starts at the top with the mighty Lineflood Gullwing Extreme, an impressive 96 LED fluorescent tube replacement, and ends with the more versatile singular LED Lynx unit. 
Surface mounted or fixed with angular/rotating brackets, this range of lighting has something to offer for virtually any given situation, from large fluorescent tube replacements to more discrete under cabinet or coving lighting. 
Rated IP67 as standard, these units are fully weatherproof and completely at home in any indoor/outdoor environment. Some of the products in this range are capable of a further IP rating of 68 which makes way to the possibilities of underwater lighting for the marine and landscape gardening industries.  
led colour changing rgb Octavia units


Below you will find some useful data sheets on our products, you will need Acrobat Reader to be able to view these files  


The 'Align' Light Bar is the newest product in our LED Linear Lights range. Typically used for under-shelf or cabinet lighting, this outstanding fitting can also be used for retail displays, signage, script lighting, artwork illumination, refrigeration lighting, cove lighting and fluorescent replacement.  
• Slim design makes it perfect for kitchen cabinet lighting applications 
• Custom built by led-zip lighting in 50mm increments from 50-2000mm 
• Available in Warm and Cool White as well as a multitude of single colour and RGB colour changing options. 
• Rotating bracket system available angled surface mounted applications such as jewellery cabinets. 
• IP54 as standard with 65 & 68 options available for outdoor use. 
• 1-10v and mains dimmable 
• 750lm per mtr with 120 degree light spread 
• 12v DC 
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The Align Light Bar
A Powder-Coated Align Light Bar 


This range is topped by Lineflood Extreme with 24 luxeon rebel in 1200mm giving close to 4000 lumens at just under 70W. This is twice the number as in the standard Lineflood which already stands unrivalled in performance. 
• Both units have on-board drivers and thermal feedback incorporated within the fitting 
• Rotating and tilting bracket systems are available 
• Choice of LED colour, beam angle and exterior finish options 
• Gullwing versions of both products are also available giving a wide spread of illumination over large areas 
• Requires a DC supply between 12-30V 
• IP67 gasket kit available 
For further technical data please refer to the attached Specification Sheets, which are found under each of the photographs. 
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Andromeda extreme led flourescent replacement


Octavia is very similar in appearance to Lineflood but having an external driver allows a closer LED spacing. Having this closer spacing allows this versatile fitting to become the RGB version of the larger Linear light range. 
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The Orion range is excellent for glass cabinet and kitchen cabinet lighting, giving a wide 120 degree spread of light from a slim 10mm height profile this unit easily out performs T5 type Fluorescent fittings. The Orion can be used as an up lighter above wall mounted cabinets, coving and picture rails. The on-board driver and thermal feedback system ensure long life and ease of installation. Orion can be supplied in a variety of single LED colours as well as colour changing RGB and is also available as an IP68 rated unit. Requires a DC input between 12-30v. For More technical Data please refer to the ORION specification sheet. 
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Led light bar Orion -led-zip Orion led - zip lighting


The Orion 60 is our latest innovative linear design incorporating a unique pattern of colour rendering Seoul Semiconductor LED's. 
These units are specifically aimed at retail glass display cabinets where using the colour rendering index within its light source will give the retailer the opportunity to reproduce and enhance the colours of the products displayed within. 
Orion 60 is most desirable in colour-critical applications such as jewellery & clothing displays. 
Giving a wide 120 degree spread of light from a slim 10mm height profile this unit easily out performs T5 type Fluorescent fittings. 
For further information regarding Orion 60 contact one of our advisors. 01202 577400 
Led light bar - ORION 60
Orion light bar adjustable bracket system


The RV units allow 1, 2 or 3 LED’s to be placed in a small Orion profile with on-board and thermal feedback circuit. All units are IP68 as standard and are ideal for a variety of outdoor and underwater application. End Caps on the RV units can be modified to accept an on/off toggle switch. 
For more technical data regarding our rv modules please view the RV module Specification sheet 
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Aqua LED is a series of LED modules on a continuous cable as a string arrangement. The distance between modules can be specified at the time of ordering to suit your needs. All Aqua LED modules are IP68 as standard and available in single colour LED’s or as an RGB colour changing unit. 
For more technical data regarding our Aqua LED please view the Aqua LED Specification sheet 
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Lynx On Board Driver boards offer the designer versatility with a simple connection method. Supplied as a circuit board with an adhesive backing, these units can be fixed to a suitable heat sinking surface. All units come complete with on board driver so no additional electronics are required. Available in single colour LED or as a colour changing RGB module. 
Available in Single colour LED or as a colour changing RGB module. 
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